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02-11-2011, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by lubesicle View Post
Anyone have experience with these?
How'd you like it?
Any Pros/Cons to doing this?
Do I stay with the same ice hockey size boot even if i'm going to play roller hockey in them?

I'm thinking of picking up another pair of Grafs (that I know are comfortable for me on ice) and adding a roller chassis to them.

The Mission Commanders I have I feel aren't stiff enough.

If so, any recommendations on chassis too?
Thanks in advance

I have yet to do it, but my next pair of roller skates I'm putting a pair of Sprung chassis on my skates. It looks pretty easy from this video though, the only thing I'm not crazy about is not using actual hockey rivets. He also doesn't really explain how he gets the rivets in the toe of the boot which I think could be a real challenge.

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