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Regarding Waivers.

Article 13
Waivers and Loans of Players to Minor League Clubs; Waiver Draft

13.4. Waiver Draft/Regular Season Waivers. With the exception
of those exempt Players set forth below, Players party to Player
Contract must be cleared through the waiver draft and/or regular
season waivers prior to being assigned to a minor league Club:

                 GOALIES                   SKATERS
Age     Years from   NHL Games      Years from   NHL Games
     Signing -- NHL  Played       Signing -- NHL    Played
18               6      80              5        160
19               5      80              4        160
20               4      80              3        160
21               4      60              3         80
22               4      60              3         70
23               3      60              3         60
24               2      60              2         60
25+              1                      1
As used above, "NHL" Games" include NHL Championship games
and NHL Playoff games.

The exemption from both regular season waivers and the
waiver draft ends immediately upon a Player playing in the number
of NHL Games set forth in the applicable column above.

For purposes of Regular Season Waivers and the Waiver Draft,
the five year exemption for an 18 year old skater and the four
year exemption for a 19 year old skater shall both be reduced to
three years commencing the first season that the 18 or 19 year
old skater plays in 11 NHL Games or more. The next two seasons,
regardless of whether the skater plays any games in either
season, shall count as the second and third years toward
satisfying the exemption.

The following examples illustrate how the provisions in the
Waiver chart shall be applied:

(a) An 18 year old or 19 year old drafted in the '95 Entry
Draft who signed and played in 11 NHL Games or more in the
1995-96 season will be exempt as follows:
         Season          Waiver Draft     Regular Season Waivers

         95-96             n/a                  Exempt
         96-97             Exempt               Exempt
         97-98             Exempt               Exempt
         98-99             Exempt               Eligible
         99-00             Eligible             Eligible
Note: Once an 18 year old or 19 year old Player has played in
his 160th NHL Game, he will be immediately become eligible for
both regular season waivers and the next waiver draft.
Brown is exempt from waivers for at least three years.

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