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02-11-2011, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by two out of three View Post
Well, the verdict is in.. I got jerked around all day, and literally none of the visits were even necessary.. Though I did want an ultrasound for peace of mind that I did not rupture it..

I got my first ultrasound and at first they said that I should be fine and it was just a severe contusion.. Then I got home and got a call from the doctor saying "wait.. It IS a "fractured testicle" which means it is ruptured and if you want to keep your left testicle you need to go to ER IMMEDIATELY.."

Then, I get to the ER.. And they wanted to do their OWN ultrasound.. They did it, and found that it was indeed just a severe contusion.

My left nut is EXTREMELY swollen and it still hurts like hell.. But at least I didn't need surgery. I AM, out for six weeks and have to miss the remainder of my beer league playoffs.. : (
be sure to send the bill for the ER visit to the doctor who said that you needed to go "immediately".

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