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Originally Posted by Tuna99 View Post
It's funny because Murray's drafting record is horrible until the 2003 draft, and even the 2004 draft is a bad one.

He's horrible at evaluating pro talent, but good at amateur talent...

Ottawa's done a decent jop drafting since he's been here, and Murray will be the first guy to tell you that because it's basically the only thing he's got somewhat right since he's got here...even in the Mike Fisher trade scrum he said the names "Erik Karlson, Robin Lehner, Cowen, Rundblad" YES we know Bryan, you drafted Erik Karlsson, thank you for reminding us for the 1 000 000 000 time, WE KNOW.
If I was one of 5 GMs in the NHL to draft an All-Star defenseman since the lockout, I'd remind people too. Especially since he reads the newspapers and listens to the radio just like everyone else and hears people ******** on him all the time.

Not to mention he looks like he's landed a couple of potential All-Stars in Cowen and Rundblad (still early to tell, but they both have the skills for it).

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