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07-16-2005, 08:20 AM
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One could easily argue that Ewing and Mess were the biggest stars in this town in the early 90's. The Mets were awful, the Yanks had not started their ascend to the top, I know in 94 they were in first place when the players strike came, but the Rangers and Knicks were still tops, the Giants and Jets were terrible from 91-96, except for a good season out of the Giants in 93. When Crosby comes here and starts doing what he is expected to do, he will get the attention and can take over as the #1 star in NY.

Part of the reason the Ranger-Isles games do not generate the hype they once did is a) the teams have been so bad for so long, sorry 3 first round exits are not impressive especially when they got crushed in the latter 2, and b) the rangers have dominated the series for 3 years. The Mets were terrible in the late 70's the Knicks were not very good at the time. The Yankees were bad in the early 70's and the Giants and Jets were awful throughout the decade. The Rangers were good in the early 70's the Isles were the new team, they had the play-off series in 75 which started the Isles climb, then the series in 79. They had the perfect scenario to start the rivalry.

To nullify your point about Crosby not being the star in NY, look what Gretzky did for the Kings in LA. There were two jokes in LA pre-Gretzky, a guy calls the forum to ask what time the Kings game starts and the operator asks, "What time can you get here?" That was from Alan Thicke on a piece about Gretzky. Then I read in a sports illustrated years ago the owner was complaining about the Kings attendance and said, "There are over 100,000 Canadians living in the LA-area and now I know why they left, because they hate hockey."

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