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10-10-2003, 12:10 PM
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if you watch 110% you know what im taking about. Going back to oates he would be perfect for the youngsters on this team

This has got to be one of the lamest excuses to get rid of a player. 110% has no credibility, all they do is yell and make unthought comments. They should think before they talk because they often look like idiots. The only one with a bit of knowledge there is Francois Gagnon, the rest have no clue what they're saying, don't follow the league and always seem to think everyone and everything is better then Montreal(not to mention they are anti-english and pro-french way too much, and I'm french).

I hate Juneau for the right reasons, hes simply a bad and useless player. He's inefficient in both ends of the ice and his one "good" season here was when Theodore stood on his head. I don't see why people call untalented players "smart", they are not smart, they simply can't play any other way, cause they wouldnt be in the league normally. Not to mention both Dackell and Juneau were playing on fourth lines before coming here. Face it, the fact that we rely on these two proves the "experts" projections were right.

EDIT: Addind a 41 year small and slow player does not improve the team, on the contrary, it takes away roster spots.

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