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02-11-2011, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by outofrange View Post
How much sucking up can a team do until they get tired of being shorthanded because the coaching system is incompetent?

The day the Kings are real threats will be the day that we get an elite winger, kids like Lokti and Schenner are ready for full-time roles, and the coaching staff gets canned.

It is a little bit like asking the guys to make chicken soup out of chicken **** for 82 games. The games that they do win is crazy because they have to dig pretty deep to overcome the flaws in the system.

I'm not entirely blaming this on the coaches (I'm not really blaming Kopi's suckage just on him either) but it's a number of things staying the same or being stagnant that have turned this season into what it is.
Terry Murray is here for the Rest of the season, The Players need to suck it up. The Kings players are not special. If I go tell my CEO that my direct supervisor is an idiot; and his method of doing things is stupid.....I get Fired.

Welcome to real life Kings players . Pull up your big boy pants and WORK. Just because you don't agree with your boss doesn't mean you can loaf. Cause Terry is here to stay.

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