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02-11-2011, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by AStammer7 View Post
Are you kidding me! Sure the Kings have taken 6 of 8 points,but yesterday's game against the Crosbyless/Malkinless Pens should've been a cakewalk. The fact that the Kings lost 2-1 in OT made me sick. The Kings should've pastered them 10-2...I bet the Manchester Monarchs could've done better yesterday.With Washington and Philadelphia next up I don't see the Kings picking up any points so they will have 6 of 12 points...The Kings need to make some changes by getting rid of some players and bringing up some of our youngsters from the Monarchs...The Kings don't need anyone else's "garbage". Not Penner,not Hemsky,not anyone...not for draft picks,and not for prospects!!! If the vets can't do the job then the youngsters need a long-term look-see...
thank you sir................................

We just need a real hockey coach with some adaptable systems and teach the youngster how to play agressive flashy and mobile.
We have the talent to do that and we have to stay away from doing other teams favors.

Count this year as gone, bring up the youngster, grab a nice top 10 pick at the draft, bring in a new fresh young coach, let them adapt to the new system and make a big splash at the next year.

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