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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Well the way I see it is this, I have seen the way people get treated when they get specific about any trades, injuries cuts or call ups and things go south so in this case I would rather say that I have heard from a players agent that DL has been offered a player that would be a nice get for the team and the return isn't as much as some would have thought. The ball is in DL's court but I have no idea how he feels about the offer or if he thinks its a good deal so why bother naming names or going into details?

To me I only get specific when there is a good cause to and I do from time to time but I don't claim to have any inside info on the Kings in particular. Sorry for the confusion.
So what your saying if we all just started acting like jerks towards you for no reason, you would have no reason to hide this "info"???

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