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02-11-2011, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Im Old Gregggg View Post
i have pro stock r8s to and i will buy another pair when these are toast, those gloves are moneyyyyyyyyyy

its all preference, personally i like:

- tps r8s (supercomy... also much better than the r10s dont get suckered into the higher model #, nylon ftw)
- bauer 4 rolls (nice and roomy)
- bauer one70/one90 (the older model.... nice and wide at cuff, tapered at fingers, imo a very unique feeling glove)

also dont get suckered into the looks of leather .... nylon gloves outperform in almost EVERY category, its no wonder most of the highend gloves (and pro stock) are nylon
i like a smaller glove (tight on the palm/fingers) size 13, just wish i could get one with a dirty wide opening on the cuff (like the one70s) one that size of glove
I don't know if I would call it getting "suckered into the looks of leather" as much as its just personal preference. I like the feel and richness of leather, over the cheapness of nylon. Where you like your gloves tight, I like mine loose. I can't stand gloves that are tight, I like them big and roomy, its just what I like, I wear size 15"+. I may try a pair of nylon's though, just to see if all the hype is what it seems.

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