Thread: Proposal: Versteeg for Cody Hodgson
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02-12-2011, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by OlderTimer View Post
I can absolutley tell you that Versteeg is a HUGE UPGRADE TO HODGESON!!!!

I hate Versteeg more than any Leaf player...But I don't let my Homerism get the best of me like you do!!!

Have you ever been a GM????...seriously NO MATTER WHAT YOU AND I SAY.....It means ****!....Here is one for the ages!!!! 30 GM's right now have a choice of Versteeg....or Hodgeson! Which one can help thier team for the next 5 years??????

Sorry that I think like a GM...not like an HFer....get over that he is the next of what ever the **** he is....he's not the next of anything!!!!

It's not a case of Player A [Hodgson] vs Player B [Versteeg], it's a case of there only being a limited amount of cap space as well as limited space in our top six. Sedins/Burrows ain't going anywhere, Kesler isn't going anywhere, leaving Raymond and Samuelsson. Sure, we could upgrade one of Raymond or Samuelsson to Versteeg, which may not even be an upgrade at all, at the cost of Hodgson, but that's just illogical. If we were to upgrade Raymond or Samuelsson into a better forward, we would trade Hodgson/Schroeder/1st/etc. + Raymond for a top line forward instead of trading Hodgson for Versteeg, just so we can upgrade Hansen -> Raymond (since Versteeg's addition would bump down Raymond to Torres' old spot and Torres would take over Hansen's spot).

EDIT: We don't need an upgrade to Hodgson. Hodgson isn't even our roster.

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