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02-12-2011, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Cupcheck View Post
You're my hero!

When you rant about not being upset by Ottawa tanking you state this is becaue you "have a life", which infers that because I was disappointed at the propect of Bingo not making the playoffs that I have no life. So that's where you told me to "get a life".

I always find it comical when people try to boast about their personal life on the web to a complete stranger, I can't help but belive they are lying and are very insecure people putting on a facade, living vicariously through their computer. But I'm sure you're not and you're a great guy with an awesome life.

By the way, I never attacked you personally until you did so to me. So, get down off your high horse. If you can't handle someone saying "are you f'ing kidding me" without a going on a diatribe, then I can't help you.
lol nothing spectacular with my life : a job, a wife, a house, a dog and some passions. That's all it should be anyway and that's probably the kind of life the majority has.

I didn't say you attacked me (someone else said), I just found the "are you ****ing kidding me" a bit rude... It was probably just a misunderstanding anyway, as you didn't see what I originally meant, no harm.

I always tried to play things down on this forum because some people take it way too seriously. It's not even us playing on the ice. I always took it more emotionally with my own sports teams, so let's take it easy with pro sports, success comes and goes.

We are in the same boat, I want the B-Sens to make the playoffs and the Sens to get back to top. Drafting/developing young players is the key and as I see and hope, this is now by far the franchise #1 priority. Both teams will get some major benefits out of it.

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