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02-12-2011, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
With baseball in particular you really have to worry about position scarcity. HanRam and Cano are two of the top producers regardless of position, but once you get past them and 1-2 others at each of those positions there's just nothing. 1B is the opposite, where you can grab a quality player in like the 10th round (though going Pujols first overall is nothing to scoff at).

Catcher is a little weird in that there's like 3-4 incredible top guys like at 2B and SS, but unlike those positions (which just completely fall off, especially at SS), there are a lot of decent replacement level guys, so you have to either grab one of the top guys real early (like keeping Mauer) or just leave it and grab one of the many decent guys way late. SPs can kind of go anywhere since there seems to be a steady decline in the talent available from round to round instead of big gaps between groups, so I always feel like you can just grab one of them when you're in a position where you're not forced to grab the last of another position. Since you don't have obvious picks for the last two keeper slots, you might as well scoop up guys like Felix and Hamels.

Out of curiosity, do your keepers affect your draft picks at all or is it just a straight draft after keeping 5 each? I'm in a football league where your keepers make you forfeit a pick in the draft that corresponds with where they got taken the year before (putting emphasis on late round steals and undrafted guys who come up big like Miles Austin did in 2009), so that type of thing completely changes your strategy.
I'm familiar with position scarcity, I just hadn't equated still being able to go after deeper positions early despite whether or not I made one a keeper. This year also seems particularly thin in more positions than normal. My main concern was how things would shake out after the new people caught up in the expansion draft, but that only makes keeping Mauer more sensible.

Our keepers don't effect our picks -- at least not yet. With this just being the second year, and the first where the keepers actually come into play, we're still feeling things out. To my knowledge, it'll just be a regular fantasy snake draft afterward. That's an interesting catch though.

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