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02-12-2011, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by L-train View Post
I loved last nights game. I mean, if the NHL isn't going to take discipline seriously (See Collie Campy as head disciplinarian ) then the teams need to take matters into their own hands. I bet most players will think twice about running anybody on the Islanders now, and I say good for the Islanders.
A last place team like the Isles who need unity and a reason hold their head up... and to look to the future have little to lose; good for THEM... This resulted from what happened earlier and the Isles will not really be hurt this lost season by suspensions and injuries... The Pens on the other hand can be further depleted and lose seeding... Whatever they gained by getting their laughs at the expense of a team that mean absolutely nothing to them was quickly lost as their player paid the price of Islander revenge... One brawl filled game may have helped them but the second? No so much.

The Flyers are much more in the same position as the Pens than as the Isles... They have much more to lose and little to gain... At this point the Flyers fans are much more amused by winning well played games than fight filled games on a regular basis... In the Seventies that filled the Spectrum and visited arenas; that is not needed today with these more mature fans of quality hockey.

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