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02-12-2011, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
considering the only value MDZ has is offensive, this is the most bizarre pro MDZ argument that could be made.
My argument is not a "pro-DZ" one as much as it is a response to your original post. You implied that since DZ is on the ice for a lot of the oppositions goals and we are losing one goal games that somehow DZ is largely responsible for these losses. My counter was that it is NOT DZ's poor defense that is at fault, it is the fact that we are not scoring goals as a team. And blaming DZ for not scoring goals is completely ludicrous because the forwards should be the ones held accountable for that.

Also if you're conceding that the only value he has to this team is his offensive game, then why are you complaining in your earlier post that he's a poor defender?

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