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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
it's about being able to provide a pipeline or funnel of SOLID prospects to the NHL team. without this pipeline of talent a top level team cannot, will not remain a perennial contender.

players move on due to RFA, UFA, injury, age.....a GM, coach, team need to be able to replace these players with prospects that have talent. one of the issues the Kings have had forever is the inability to do this, which has resulted in the peaks and valleys of success. for the first time ever in the franchise's history they are developing this pipeline. what is lacking now is solid depth at the wing positions and a handful of snipers.

the problem with this system is the time commitment involved for the team and for the fans. i think DL did himself a major dis-service with his "5-year" plan, by stating that he started a timer on the turnaround. i understand why he said that but it makes his job more difficult because of expected expectations from fans by year 5. in this day and age of 'instant gratification' as fans we need to learn to be patient with the building and re-tooling process.

do i want the Kings to win now? hell yes, but not for the sake of ripping apart or derailing what has been assembled so far. to have put the time and effort into this plan so far and then make some knee jerk roster moves/trades defeats the long term result WE ALL WANT - the SC
That's pretty much what I am saying.

Getting picks is a good thing, especially for players that we are likely to lose to free agency anyways and having the kind of talented pipeline that we do is a great thing and can only be improved by adding to it as often as possible.

Voynov is a legitmate #1/3 potential dman.
Deslauriers is as good in my opinion but is also a better skater and plays angry
Muzzin is a #4/6 pmd dman who has shown that he is capable of being a solid nhl dman with a little time and grease.

Hickey is far from a bust in my opinion and if I had to place a bet about where I think he will end up I would say that he will make his way to being a second pairing talented pmd within the next two years.

Tuebert is a grey area for me, at times I can see where he is slowly progressing his way into becoming a tough stay at home monster of a third pairing guy and at other times he looks like he is easily confused. Too tough to call but he is still valued by other GM's and as such holds a certain amount of value.

Then we have Forbort who is 6'6 heavy and tough but his greatest attribute is that he plays smart hockey and for a kid who is still learning and developing his game that is one of the most important things that there is. I like him allot and will be shocked if he doesn't eventually become a top pairing guy somewhere in the league though I do think he is at least 3 or 4 years away from doing so.

We have JB and Jonsey behind Quick in the nets and look really really good there.

We have Linden Vey who all of us should make the time to watch at least one of his games if you haven't already. He is nails and going to be a stud NHL winger and I think within the next 2/3 years. He plays like he has one last chance to make it every shift, if he keeps it up he is going to be a long time fan favorite.

Tyler Toffoli is the real deal but how his game will translate into the NHL has me wondering. He will be an offencive threat and will in my opinion be a great NHL'er, its just will he develop soon enough to fill our needs or will he take a bit longer and be better suited as trade bait down the road, I don't know yet but I love his game and can't see any fail on him.

Weal has the skill to make it at any level he wants, his drive is the only thing that I can see holding him back if there is anything at all that would do so. He isn't big but he does play a smart game and I could see him as a 20/20 2nd/3rd liner with a little more upside.

Kitsyn is a mean tough old school Russian who either doesn't understand what the word quit means or simply refuses to recognize it. He is a 50/50 guy in my opinion, he will either make it and be very good or fail to do so and bolt back to a long KHL career, tough to say. I would have no problem putting him in Manchester and then after a season up with the Kings to see what he can do.

Kozun will make his mark in the NHL rather it is as a King or not who knows.

Moller will play more games in the NHL but same thing goes as it does with Kozun.

The list goes on.

My point is that I see us as having a very deep and talented pool of kids that we can plug into our line up and as early as next year will be a much younger and better team as a result of it.

Schenn should and will be a productive rookie for us and is clearly showing us why it was a good thing that he got his last year of junior eligibility out of the way, rushing him would have been a mistake and now he has more than proven to himself and everyone else that he should be an exceptional player in the NHL and considered one of the best young players around.

With another solid draft this coming year (not as deep as some but nowhere near as bad as 04 or 06 depending on how you rate drafts) we could be even closer to set.

I know I left allot of our talented kids off the list but to prove a point, we are deep and very solid and adding to the pool is only going to be a great thing.

Now will we move any of them and or one or two of our young roster players to get a very talented skill guy for our top 3? Its possible but I don't know how or when or if it will happen.

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