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02-12-2011, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post

LA is close, well closer than it was a few years ago. what they aren't is a legitimate SC contender at this point. it was nice seeing pre-season posts saying so, but imo i think that jacked with quite a few minds in the organization.

i also think it set overly high levels of expectations for the fans that LA is in the upper echelon of the league. as a result with the struggles and up's and down's of this season, the fans are over reacting and demanding DL pull the trigger on deals to get the team up the standings, deep into the playoffs and playing for the cup. sorry folks but it isnt going to happen this season, or next.

i knew this season would be rocky and next year as well. as the team progresses in maturation, skill and roster times will be tough for them and for us fans. it's part of the process of taking a franchise that for DECADES has been reliant on rentals, old vets and a patchwork roster; then transforming it into a young, talented, disciplined organization looking to compete every year.

imo for DL to make a trade or two at this point that would strip a player(s) or prospect(s) that everyone knows is key to the long-term success is just foolhardy at this point. my predicition is that LA is and will be geared and ready to move into the upper echelon in 2-3 years.

sorry guys but that's the truth, DL has to let this first 'core' of players mature and then see if they can lead. once the like of Smyth, Zus, Willie, etc move on the organization has to see what it has. the core of DB, Kopi, DD, JJ, etc will be expected to serve in those vet roles bringing the next 'core' along. it's at this point when LA essentially has two groups of core players coming together they will be ready or not to go for the cup.

to expect anything more than a first round playoff win now is to much imo, because they just don't have the experience and depth to go any further. to make some moves for the sake of pushing past that and losing in the 2nd or 3rd round doesn't make sense. all they gain is a higher draft pick and a handful more of playoff games under their belt.
I have a feeling a trade gets done. The reason everyone is demanding a trade because what we need is a top 3 winger, and that is not within the system. It is something we need now, and also something we'll need in the future in order to compete. Half of those players on that list will never play for the Kings, or will simply not have a roster spot available. It is a waste to let them rot. While, in the end, there is no need for some suicide rush to make a deal, one must be done. Even Lombardi has said and acknowledged that it is the number one team need, outside of "youngsters stepping up", and it must be done through a trade.


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