Thread: Proposal: Versteeg for Cody Hodgson
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02-13-2011, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by tokenmetalhead View Post
He would definitely have to regain some form to become a decent NHLer at this point. But how much form is he going to regain? The last two years have swayed my opinion of him (I used to think he would really be something, myself).

I am seeing him as a 50-60 point player TOPS right now, with likely 45-55 point regularity in his prime and high bust potential. Also might take him a few more years just to get back there. He has had injuries early in his career and has a perceived attitude problem regarding not getting a chance in Vancouver. He is still a good prospect with high boom/bust potential, but no one can deny his transition to the pro level has been much worse than what people hoped for.
You mean because we're letting him develop slowly?

Here are the list of Vancouver skaters that have developed slowly under Vancouver's system:

Daniel/Henrik Sedin - didn't break out until 2005/06 (when they were 25/26); played in 4 NHL seasons before reaching 70+; first NHL games came at 20.

Ryan Kesler - didn't break out until 2008/09 (when he was 24/25), played 111 games in the AHL; first NHL games at 19.

Alexandre Burrows - didn't break out until 2008/09 (when he was 27/28), played 241 games in the AHL/ECHL; first NHL games at 24.

Jannik Hansen - having his first full year on the Canucks without having played in Manitoba (he is 24 now), played 129 games in the AHL; first NHL games at 21.

Mason Raymond - broke out his second year at 24 years old, played 31 games in the AHL; first NHL games at 23.

Kevin Bieksa - broke out in 06 when he was 25, played 108 games in the AHL; first NHL games at 24.

Alex Edler - broke out in 08/09 when he was 22, played 49 games in the AHL; first NHL games at 20.

Corey Schneider - didn't play in the NHL until he was 22, played 136 AHL games.

Most of the prominent players developed Canucks have played in the AHL for a significant chunk of time and 4/9 saw action before the age of 22. Hodgson played his first NHL games as a 20 year old. The Canucks have zero worries.

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