Thread: Speculation: Montreal makes offer for Kaberle
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02-13-2011, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
If that happens I will personally kick PGs ***.

He said himself he hates the idea of rentals especially for roster players. We dont need him now and we can get him for nothing in the offseason.

No thank you. Especially not for a Top 6 forward and someone who is doing what his job would be now. Tell me if this is a good situation (pending we resign Kaberle)

Subban - Markov
Kaberle - Wiz
Gorges - Hammer

Arguably 5 Offensive Defensemen. TERRIBLE idea.
Hammer would not be resigned and we could attempt to move Spacek to retain Gill or sign a younger defensive defenseman. In any event, Markov is capable of playing a more defensive game as he demonstrated in the past. The rest range from decent to adequate defensively and would combined to be a juggernaut offensively. If this deal happened we exchange Weber for Kaberle and sign Markov to a short term contract. If the experiment fails, we trade Markov or Kaberle. If not, well we have one powerful unit. Worth dealing Weber for even if I would prefer using a pick and prospect combination.

Originally Posted by jfried View Post
For Montreal to get Kaberle.....Pacioretty must be included... no way around that.
Whether or not this is Toronto's needs. No team would give you a top six forward for Kaberle. If Toronto ever wants to compete properly, they need to rebuild. Kaberle will not be apart of that and is better served to add pieces; reasonable prospects or picks. Not top six roster players.

I dislike losing Weber but would accept this deal. Patches? No.

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