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Originally Posted by NYR BLUE18 View Post
You cannot compare all the championships the habs won the yanks 27 championships at all!!!!!!! The majority of them are from when there were 6 teams or less, thats a joke. I understand its historic from a hockey standpoint, but as much as it disgustingly pains me to say this, with only 6 teams, we should have more than 4 overall
When they say "Original Six" it's the six teams that have survived since the beginning. There have never been less but there has always been more. The first year the Rangers won the cup there were actually several teams in the league, not just six. This is a common misconception because of the term "original six".

This is their schedule the first year they won.

You can look up every year here.

It's debated why Montreal and the Yankees have won so many championships in their respective leagues. Some have said that a drafting rule lead Montreal to theirs and some have said that the largest media market and attached revenue stream have lead the Yankees to theirs. Both topics have been debated but theirs no doubt that both of these teams have been historic powerhouses and have a record number of retired jerseys in their respective leagues.

Back in the day, the MLB wasn't as large as it is now either.

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