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02-13-2011, 03:07 AM
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most people here say our team is Better without Roy. Does that mean our Team is better without Spezza? Every other day there is a thread about how this team preforms better with Roy Gone. So Roy for Spezza....does that mean the team wouldn't preform for Spezza either? Everyone here contridicts themselves. Their is atleast 3 threads one including Vanek saying he is better without Roy. So what's the problem with trading Roy?

Secondly this team will not win unless theyu overpay for a Center with a bad contract but can put up 80-100 points. People think Kyle Turris is coming here or Brad Richards. Not going to happen. If this team wants to win they are going to have to sacrifice something and it wont be Tim Connolly.

Also you think you are going to leave Ottawa with a hole up the middle by trading Pominville for Spezza? Who is centering Ottawa's first line after that? People here should really think about the big picture and not just Buffalo. What team is giong to give up there Center without getting one back?

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