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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
I think you underestimate how much The Wizard wants to win. He was considered a hockey god in the 1980s when he was riding on the fact that he "found" Gretzsky, Messier, et al and delivered 4 Stanley Cups. He cemented that reputation when his team managed to win another Stanley Cup after TGO left. He desparately wants to win one more cup before he retires. All the wheeling and dealing he's done is in the vain attempt to somehow get back to the promised land. The Dolans may only care about filling MSG 44 times a year and then feasting on the playoff revenue, but the Jackass they hired very much wants to win. He tried to buy championship before the lockout and pretty much tried to do it after Jagr's team suprised everyone by playing so well after the lockout, but signed the wrong players. Now, he's handcuffed and trying to do what he should have started to do nearly 11 years ago. But, the game has passed him by. I suspect most people in hockey know that, but the person signing his checks doesn't and is willing to let him keep trying for as long as he wants to.
it certainly seems like this is true finally but even though as I'm optimistic as anyone I'm still not convinced he's doing what he ought to have done until it's done. I still feel like he's waiting for cap room and then BAM the next kotalik and higgins are coming in. or the next Drury. Though I am sooo looking forward to the teams future and think we all should be I think it's still likely there's a big Sather screw up on the horizon. Right now I think it's almost a coin flip that we win a division and make it to the finals in the next5 years. I'd say it's more like 85 % the Pens make it. So we still have a ways to go and it's def tough to imagine with Sather.

It's appropriate that a thread with this title eventually got to and ends with Sather sucks

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