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02-13-2011, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
Any1 who watches you post lately and looks (not too deep into) this post realizes you're bent outta shape only apparently not about the team but about fans who are looking forward to having a good team in a few years. Seems like sour grapes at those who aren't sharing your misery.

Also your personal constant griping and that of certain other posters miiiiight just be why people get sick of hearing from you guys and start hurling insults and question you as a fan. Perhaps simply stick to the standard "This f***ing team sucks I can't stand it right now." instead of trying to analyze every game like you're Fischler, Daneyko, etc. There's a difference between attacking the team for a bad performance and attacking the fans too and some people definitely go over that line. "Told you all season this team was bad." An intelligent person realizes no one IN THE WORLD would wanna hear that about their team especially not now. Anyway the team is obviously playing bad right now, consistently bad to the point of horrendous and yet we are still in the playoffs and a nice 7-1-2 run like we always have should cement a spot for us haha (no i am not banking on one i'm joking). But if you acknowledge yes they suck right now I think it's only fair to acknowledge how out of their minds athey played and how young guys and future team leaders managed to carry this team in a way we rarely get to see as Ranger fans. hence future excitement. You don't have to agree but damn no reason to go after other fans and tell them they're wrong for feeling good which is what some posters do.
It seems like some are confused that we aren't as pissy and moany as the reactionaries. I guess they feel the need to bring us down with them

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