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Perhaps one of the greatest quote I've read in a long time. It's from an undrafted players, but the quote itself is hilarious:

Once during a tense, rough and brawling hockey game, courageous xxx, one of the tiniest players in the National Hockey League, lost his temper and tangled with big tough defenseman Fernie Flaman, one of the most feared battling sluggers in the league. As they grappled, shoulder to shoulder, pint-sized xxx suddenly shouted a warning at his huge opponent who outweighed him by more than fifty pounds:

"Watch out, Fernie, or I'll bleed all over you!"


How about helping a divisional team!

Hockey Sports Stars of 1973

- ''But this may surprise you, pound for pound, little Henri Richard is as good as any (fighter).'' - Referee Matt Pavelich

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