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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I didn't accuse you of anything. I said your assessment is poor.
Opinions can be bad and flawed. Yours is about Pouliot.

Pouliot has flaws like anybody else, but he's having a great year. You said he's inconsistent, one shift good, the next he disappears or make bonehead plays. That's simply not true. Pouliot has played well this season, off games happen, but overall he's been great at fulfilling his role. He's being used as a 3rd liner, with limited ice time, and managed to give us some much needed offensive depth. His pt/TOI ratio which is among the best on our team further proves my point.
Ok then, your evaluation sucks...

If he was so steady, like you say, he would have been a steady lock on our Top 6. Fact is that a very struggling Eller, a grinder with not much talent in Darche and a bottom 6 player in Moen had more confidence from Martin to be used in an important role.

You can also look at his play and you'll see that he can disapear for long stretches at a time and them, bang, 2-3 great games. Yopu could even watch it during games. He can have one great shift follow by very bad ones...

He's been steady alright... meaning he hasn't been able to be consistent with his play all year long.

Is he having a bad year ? No. Is he a lost cause ? No. Is he going to be a solid Top 6 forwards for years to come ? Maybe... we don't know yet, he has shown great promises, but also some concerning habits.

This is again well known around the team...

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