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Originally Posted by i am dave View Post
He has unfortunately played his last game of hockey, in all likelihood. Situations like these are why I feel the 35+ rule needs to be tweaked. Lappy didn't sign with the Flyers having had a history of taking a puck to the face.

I've said before, this isn't like Team X signing 35+ year old Player Y, who has a long history of knee problems only to have Player Y go down with a knee injury. There's no way this injury could have been foreseen, and there's no way the on-going symptoms are as a result of his age. An 18 year old is just as likely to have PCS from taking a puck to the eye than a 36 year old.
Well, you have LTIR to cover events like this. The 35+ rule is simply to protect against retirement deals (which obviously has been a problem even then). As far as PCS -- which is voodoo science to a certain extent -- age does matter as far as the cumulative effect of head trauma over years. So while an 18 y/o can get a bad concussion, we tend to see degrading recovery times as players get older and suffer further trauma.

I suspect Lappy is done, but wouldn't be shocked to see him try for it next year. Throughout this entire process it has sounded like he was thinking about doing that... and the reality is that he can mitigate the potential risk by not fighting. You aren't going to be able to completely cut out blows to the head, but he also doesn't carry the puck as much and/or cut through the middle, so it's a bit less of an issue than with a skill player.

Oh, and try to avoid taking one off the face obviously.

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