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02-13-2011, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
Why the insults? They just make you look childish, doesn't help your argument at all. The discussion was about value to a team. I'll take 2 Hemsky's over 1 Gaborik ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

Since lockout:
Gaborik 351points in 326GP
Hemsky 322points in 351GP
Edge Gaborik but it's close.

This year:
Hemsky .87ppg
Gaborik .84ppg
Edge Hemsky but it's close

Playoffs since lockout:
Hemsky 17points in 24GP
Gaborik 5points in 11GP
edge Hemsky. It's not close but small sample sizes.

In what world should Gaborik be worth close to twice as much? Give me Hemsky please.

As for NYR keeping Gaborik and having no cap problems, you and Slats are in complete agreement. Have fun paying Richards-Gaborik a combined 15million. Lombardi is smarter than that.
Your insults as to where i live and my hockey knowledge are just pathetic and like a little girl. Remove your tampon for a moment and do the math. Since the lockout, hmm

Gaborik - 1.08
Hemsky - .91

Ha ill gladly sign Richards to a 6m per year contract. He is a top center man in the game, and he as well averages basically a ppg and can play the point on the pp. Both positionally and play that is needed for the rangers. They have a ton of top end two way players, they are in need of top end scoring talent to play with gaborik.

The contract inflation is just what happens to players when they hit the FA market, since every team is bidding with each other.I dont mind overpaying a little for a player who is worth that type of money. If Hemsky was to hit the open market he would garner more than what he is earning. I never said Hemsky isnt a great player, just that Gaborik is a much better player.

This arguement isnt about would you rather 2 hemskys over 1 gaborik. Its about who is the better player. Gaborik over hemsky any day of the week

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