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Originally Posted by FiveAndAGame View Post
It's funny how people react when you hit their stick... I had a guy show up to open hockey with an Easton S19(when they first game out)and he freaked out when I lifted his stick... Really? Why drive a Bentley into a demolition derby when you KNOW it's gonna take some damage?

I also enjoy complimenting and telling jokes to the oppositions goalie. I don't know about you guys, but in my experience, it works better than insults/normal chirps. Most goalies I've played with/against get more focused after people start talking trash. But, if you give him some compliments, it catches them off-guard and (hopefully) messes with their focus a little. If not, you gave the other team a funny story to go home with.
When I get a really cocky goalie, everytime I'm on the ice and we score on him I stand right in front of his net, celebrate with my teammates and stare him down and go "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH" or "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

It got one goalie so pissed of that he came out of his net at me with his stick above his head, ready to two-hand me.

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