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07-17-2005, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I think the St. Louis fans just get on Nashville's fans nerves. At least once a game, it seems though it could be just once a year, they chant 1 yard short (referring to the last play in the '99 Super Bowl). When you combine that with the fact that they do a good job in travelling and they usually beat us, the door is open for obnoxious fans. Combine a good number with a good result and they get boisterious. And a lot of the insults involved 'red neck' comments and the like.
I believe every bit of that. I also know that most of that probably comes from your expansion status. For years, Blues fans have seen the Preds on the schedule and thought "that's a win".

Your team is getting better and the Blues are swooning a bit, so that stuff will all start to even out. That's when the passive hatred on one side and abnoxious condescension on the other will become rivalry. Your team will start winning more and Blues fans will start getting more bitter. The geographic proximity helps, too.

Of course, even we we totally hate each other, we'll still be able to agree that the Red Wings Suck.

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