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02-13-2011, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by mothertucker16 View Post
i think you missed the point you guys make it sound like jvr has done miraculous things as far as im concerned where he was picked ya he is underachieving yes he still young and yes he may become a great player yet but he still hasnt and he may never reach full potential.
What does that have to do with Versteeg's age (which is why I quoted you)? No Flyers fan is saying that JVR is destroying the league but I think you're being unfair when you say he's underachieving. The Flyers as a team do not have individual players that score at a high clip. Their scoring is spread out. It's a characteristic of deep teams with depth scoring. JVR is doing just fine, as far as I'm concerned, and I expect greater things in the future.

And you're right, he might never reach his potential (which can be said of ALL young players in JVR's position), but that's a gamble the Flyers are better off taking. If JVR and Versteeg are comparable, but JVR has a chance to be much better, why would the Flyers consider making that deal?

Originally Posted by thinkinfeller View Post
I love you guys who pretend to be irratated by Leafs proposals, and then sneak off to the Leaf forum and hide in the closet like a sex fiend in a sorority house. The source of the rumour is on the Flyers end, that's the point.
It's not even a rumor. The guy who wrote the article just speculated that the Flyers like Versteeg and that JVR was a player that Burke liked. That's not exactly a surprise. But it also does not say that the two are being rumored for a trade. Sometimes people just like things. You're reading into the article and making conclusions that just aren't there.

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