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02-13-2011, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by mothertucker16 View Post
since the flyers came into the league whats that supposed to mean that you guys are more successful in a waterdowned talent nhl it was alot harder to win with less teams dumb ass more talent when there was less teams and why do people think that giguere is **** because he had a couple of off seasons where his son was born with a deformed eye im sure hockey was more important to him at that time. as far as this year i see him play every time hes not the problem its the guys in front of him and please do come to me in a couple of months with rushkie bet you now he does not last as the starter in the playoffs quote me on that!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by mothertucker16 View Post
pycckuurocket10 did i say we were winning the cup and 5 seasons without making the playoffs i love how you flyers fans have short memories you guys missed the playoffs 5 years in a row as well so whats your point!!!
and we win the cup come and tell you no problem flyers have nothing to write home about that either you guys are just as sad as we are there what is it 37 years and counting .
and you have capable goalies hahahaahahahahahahah who ?

whats borbovsky capable of ?
You DO realize you are making an idiot of yourself, right?.........................

K, good. Just checking.

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