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07-18-2005, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by danaluvsthekings
He might be one of your heroes but he's not one of mine. Anyone that rips the C off of his chest in training camp because he felt he hasn't gotten a contract offer worth enough money is someone that is putting himself over the team and acting like a greedy SOB. Then he spent the rest of the season causing distractions. Rather than saying to the media "Hey, I'm not going to talk about the contract discussions" and not answering questions about the situation, he kept making comments like "well they better trade me since it looks like they're not gonna sign me". How is that helping the situation any? Did he think that mentioning that turned the lightbulb on in Dave Taylor's head that exploring a trade might be a good idea? Not only that, those comments I'm sure were unsettling to the guys in the room and every time they went to a new city, especially in Canada, the media would ask the same questions over and over. Also his comments that it wasn't about the money and that he wanted to test the free agent waters and then signing with the Avs before becoming a free agent didn't sit well with me and a lot of others.
Great Post!

Originally Posted by PapaBear
True "hardcore" fans never boo anyone when leaving.
On which planet do you live? IMO True Hardcore fans are the ones who booo Blake every time he steps onto the ice at Staples. I'm on Reaper's side all the way, he's damn right.

Nobody's here saying Blake sucks, we're not kids and we say "He sucks" just because he left for a better and more talented team. Blake, plain and simple, left for 2 reasons:
  1. Money
  2. A chance to win
Some Fans understood that, the majority didn't. The problem was that he wasn't a simple player: he was our team captain. our leader, a sure bet for a retired number. And what he does? He makes a mess all year because he wants 9 million and the Kings offer him just 8 millions??? Oh, pour Rob, we should have understood his sadness. And pour Rob everytime he comes back to Staples, those boooos are really so cruel. Come on...

The market is flooded with a T-O-N of great players, I'm wondering why we always have to talk about:
  1. Schneider - 36 year old
  2. Palffy - 33 year old
  3. Blake - he'll be 36 next December
And I'm sure once the FA market will be open again, Muzz will be in the mix too (he'll be 33 in November). I'm not saying those are crappy players, they're all great players. But they belong to the past, we need to turn the page, look to the future. We are in great position to build a good team and I don't think DT is so stupid to screw up his plans with signing aging veterans. If you haven't noticed it, the UFAs age will go down every year for the next upcoming seasons.

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