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02-13-2011, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Vice versa with Oilers fans. We have aligned our view of value with our GM's, by and large, and I'd venture Oilers fans have as well with their GM. Maybe take a look at the standings and understand where that's gotten you. If you guys want Schenn's for Penner's, you'll be waiting a while to see that materialize.
Hah, sorry but Oiler fans have no confidence whatsoever in our management team even though Lowe got us within 2 goals of the Stanley Cup. For the record most reasonable Oiler fans are expecting Hemsky to get a nice return because we can afford to be patient and wait for a desperate GM to come knocking. I for one would give up Hemsky+ for Schenn but not Hemsky++++ like HF Kings fans seem to expect.

When was the last time the Kings won a playoff series? It's happened once in 18 years, I don't know what you have to be so cocky about. Neither of our franchises have done much since Gretzky but at least we had that run. Regular season is pretty meaningless and the Kings aren't even sitting in a playoff spot. I'd rather be dead last than 9th in the conference despite icing a nice roster...

Penner is severely underrated. Biggest strongest scoring forward in the league, good for 30/30, value contract, good team guy. You wish you had a winger like that and he's not even our best.

edit- Didn't mean to ignore Dustin Brown. Nice player.

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