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Originally Posted by 22twinfaith33 View Post
Can you please tell me how you came up with that conclusion? Did you base it on the short stint he played in the NHL on the fourth line on a team that has real good depth at center on the first 3 lines
Yeah right. If you are a blue chip prospect you make the team. Mike Fisher cracked a cup contending 109 pts team in Ottawa back in 2000 as a 19 year old

Hossa made it, so did Havlat, and so did Spezza. All these guys made the NHL at 19 on the 3d line.

If you are a top top young player, you will force the teams hand. Why isn't Hogson even sticking as Vancouvers 3rd line center, winger etc etc??

Hogson is overated, actually not even. He just isn't as highly though of as he use to be after than WJC and all the injuries.

Kid must first make his big team's line-up.

We all know Ottawa sucks now (daah), but they didn't always suck and iced more stacked teams than the canucks who are yet to be seen if they can even get out of the 2nd round of the playoffs one of these years, let alone play for the cup. But all that is besides the point, Hogson isn't a full-time NHLer and isn't even the top quality prospect who can crack a contending team at 21 now.

He can still prove he can be a quality player and is young, but he does not have as much value as you think. Just because you were a junior star in Brampton and looking like a star at the next level does not mean you will be one. That may or may not be the case here but every year Hogson does not make the canucks line-up it is looking more and more likely.

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