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07-18-2005, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by handtrick
I find it very interesting that they rescoped his knee appx 2 months after his initial operation. The article said he had "an ACL / MCL" and said nothing about his meniscal cartilage. Usually ACL reconstruction takes about 7-9 months to fully if he had the operation in May it would look like Dec to Feb at the earliest.

Two things scare me....1st it was done in Europe. Alot of advancement has occured in ACL recon in the past 10 years and the precision of the graft placement and the rehab protocol is key to successful outcome. The second is tha Orzagh said " that the just went in to clean it up a little"....that to me means he wasn't getting his motion back adequately at this point....which means either poor graft placement or poor rehab thus far.....neither are good for return in Dec to Feb.

At least they got a look inside and can make a decision with valid information instead of just guess work. If the graft was in good position and he was just stiff....the scope and debridement and the proper rehab protocol could make it ok in the long gut says Poile will look elsewhere for those 15 goals a year and gritty play.
thanks Handtrick.....good to get an expert's take on this.

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