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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
I Just found a nice piece of article to spark some rivalry between TDMM and the Detroit Falcons, two divisional rivals:

Years later, Flaman told me: "In all the years I played in the league, there was only one player I hated. Henri Richard!"

Richard shrugged when he was told about it the next day. "In all the years I played in the league, I was never afraid of Flaman!"
I don't know why I keep finding incident between Fern Flaman and Henri Richard:

(Flaman) once nearly killed Montreal's Henri Richard with a devastating, but legal body check during a game at Boston Garden. - Who's Who in Hockey
Not only are the first two in Henri's profile, but there are some more quotes about Flaman, as well. Flaman was mentioned in articles I read about Henri, more than any other player. It seems like little Henri Richard was the constant thorn in the side of big bad Fern Flaman.

Originally Posted by Fern Flaman
One of the things he used to when he went wide on me was lean into me and actually grab my knee. We'd both go down, and I would get the penalty for holding, because it was impossible to see what Henri was doing! It used to drive me crazy!
You should know that in the six-team NHL, bench- clearings were the rule rather than the exception. Teams met 14 times during the regular season, often on back-to-back nights. The benches cleared in Boston one night, and there was young Richard in the middle of it, taking on four Bruins, one after the other. He won the first three fights, including one over Jack Bionda, who towered over him. An exhausted Richard fought to a draw in a fourth against Fern Flaman, who was among the NHL's best and most feared fighters.
This might all be from the same article.

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