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10-10-2003, 04:08 PM
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Torque line on radio

I was the first caller on 'Total Hockey' with Bob Stauffer today. He and Spector had been calling the Torque line, the smash, bash & dash line. I told them that a poster on 'Hockey's Future Boards' (sorry salostyle, i didn't have your name with me) had a better name for this line. And then explained the reasoning:

On the left - Torres
in the middle - Horcoff
on the right - Laraque

(noun) a turning or twisting force

(verb) cause to twist by applying force
(both definitions apply)

We laughed and chatted a bit about that, then Bob asked what my overall impression of the game was. I commented on the boys understandably getting off to a slow start. What really impressed me tho, was the improved positioning and puck support. Bob laughed and said that they had been discussing the same thing before going on the air and he saw it, like I saw it.

After hanging up, they were discussing hfboards, and that they don't get many women callers. He thought I probably had a better understanding of the game, than at least 70% of their callers. (this couldn't have anything to do with the fact that i reinforced his opinion, could it?)

They then continued this train of thought with the next caller who thanked Bob for treating me like I knew something, unlike Bryn. The caller said that in his opinion, Bryn is condescending to women callers, and asks questions like: "Who's your favourite team?"

Oh well, it was fun. All I really wanted to do, was support the Torque line and hfb.

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