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10-10-2003, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
Your commets show your biased towards Perreault. Please I don't need any Perreault converters, the guy is a joke of an NHLer, but if you like him good for you. I saw a lot different play on those goals. But I won't waste my time trying to explain it.

This time next year Perreault wont be here.
Heh... all your arguments so far were blanket statements (some untrue) and stats. The only other thing you said is that he can't contain his man, to which I reply that almost no one on the team can...

For all the good things Zednik have, look at him work close to the boards in the defensive zone and if you find something pretty, please tell me. Yet no one ever talks about it. However, in Perreault's case, anything to put on his back is good, because it's "cool" to bash him down?

I sure hope Perreault won't be here next year, but does that mean the guy can't have a good game? Can a guy be -2 and still have a good game? If a player has a set of tools and uses those tools to his best, is it a good game? Or can the player only have bad games?

I'm coming off strong with Perreault because I'm tired of hearing this and that and everyone bashing him because everyone does. Most of the people bashing Perreault always write the same stuff over and over, whatever Perreault does. He gave out a good effort last night, yet he was called "lazy" every three posts. If you want to see lazy for last night, look at Audette's way...

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