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02-13-2011, 11:29 PM
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One more thing:
Originally Posted by goonx View Post

I'm really interested in getting into hockey but I never got the chance to play when I was younger. Now that i'm 22, I really want to start playing some shinny next year and some (safe) contact hockey two years down the road.
Full contact hockey adult rec leagues are extremely rare. Not to say that beer leagues don't get chippy and have a fair bit of low level contact, but adult rec league where full on hits are actually legal are close to non-existent. And honestly, as a newer player you should be grateful for this. It's one thing to learn to keep your head up as an 11 year old getting repeatedly hit by other 11 year olds, there's just not much power in those hits, but a full contact game between grown men who had never played contact hockey and grown men who grew up hitting would just be ugly, concussion city.

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