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02-14-2011, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by McSorley 33 View Post
I agree with you.

Just be happy that the one who controls everything about this team agrees with you and drafts toughness. For years the Kings have been a ***** team, but not anymore, so I'm now at peace....

Big difference between toughness and uselessness.

Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
Exactly. I don't even have to argue my case. Terry Murray has coached 819 games, Lombardi has a law degree from Tulane and has been working as an NHL game for 15 years. They agree with me. So it doesn't really matter what a bunch of nerds say on a message board.
el oh el. I am a member of the apologist party and not even I will go down on record saying that just because Lombardi and Murray have a good deal of experience near the game makes their opinions right on what the game should or should not encompass. By that Logic, my math and physics degrees should make me right if I decide to honor a time old human tradition and become a flat earther and believer in the heliocentric model of the universe. This just in, things evolve, including opinions.


“This is for you Kings fans wherever you may be. All the frustration and disappointment of the past is gone. The 45 year drought is over. The Los Angeles Kings are indeed the Kings of the National Hockey League. They are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions!” - Bob Miller

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