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Originally Posted by Hockey Crazy View Post
It does get expensive, but it's worth every penny... I'm absolutely addicted to playing and getting better now.

The program is $550, but it's not a bad deal for what you get. I paid $200 for my skates, and another $700 more for equipment when all was said and done. You can definitely do it cheaper though... just don't cheap out on skates.

It's about a 20 min walk from Yorkdale station. You can do it if you have a roller bag or one of those back packs. The walk wont be too bad in the summer, although I like that I started in the winter because I've made use of the outdoor rinks a lot. Still... my team usually chips in for ice to practice on each week.

In the winter program, there are 17 weeks and a playoff tournament. There are 4 teams, and 2 hit the ice at a time for an hour each on Sundays. The first 10 weeks are instructional. You start with some skating drills, then move to stick-handling, passing, shooting etc. By week 7 or 8, they start including scrimmages in the lessons and then the games start. The games are three 10 minute periods, and they keep your stats and everything! My team has 11 skaters and a goalie, so you get a good amount of ice (only 2 lines per team). Everyone plays in the tournament in the end and you end up playing against the Brampton program's teams.

If you can already skate well you'll be one of the better players on your team...
Sounds pretty awesome. How about the summer program? Is it the same thing but just stretched out over a longer period of time?

I got nice skates this year and that's what started the snowball effect. I have to invest in the protective stuff which you said is probably going to run around $500-$700.

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