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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Yeah, I have to agree with the above (except I'm still posting here!).

Tim Thomas has let in 10 goals in his past 2 games and Henrik seems to have pissed off the gods of deflections. Seems every game there's a weird bounce or two that doesn't go his way.
7 consecutive games, with a total of 10 goals allowed from deflections off our own players. Yes, completely ridiculous, but it's not like this team hasn't allowed tons of deflection goals before, not just in such concentrated bursts like these.

HF fans are losing it, but their ability to come to sensible conclusions are as accurate as giving cattle a bottle of whiskey and then ask what stocks you should invest your life savings in. The whole team is in a ridiculous funk, we can't score and we can't defend properly, but somehow it's Hank's fault because he's not clairvoyant enough to save all those deflections. Even the coach is apparently braindead enough to believe he should expect it. That statement where he basically bashed Hank for the FLA, PIT and NJ (the only fair game to bash, but unnecessary) & etc losses was simply put awkward for coming from the head coach. Is he the coach or a casual beer fan?

Perspective. Too many fans in here lack that quality and it's making the boards unbearable. It's one thing when people are drunk in GDTs and expectedly emotional, another when you have the time to reflect before posting in other threads.

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