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02-14-2011, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Genius Brian Lawton View Post
Except the fact they're not asking you to smear **** all over yourself, its just a logo you don't like.

Everyone on the management crew has made themselves publicly available to answer any and all questions regarding this stuff including inviting STHs and others in to voice opinions, changes, and so on so wherever you're getting this idea that "they just don't care, they're not listening to me" is pure ********, sorry.

Like i've told others - if you want to make yourself heard, thats fine and you should, but have an idea how to direct your ideas. Posting on the SP Times blog and showing a poll (lol) that the brilliant folks over there have voted on isn't going to do ****. Creating a generic online petition on a site where I can create a petition to get Chad to hit on me isn't lending itself to any credibly, and someone else has probably done it.

Translated: "It makes me angry the new ownership didn't pick something I like."

Professional standards? Its plenty professional, and its a lot better than many of the logos I see now that look dated or have little to no representation of the actual "mascot".

Appeal to pity much? As if all other opinions about the logo are false and ridiculous because you just love this team that much more?

Constructive criticism is one thing, but ranting like an emotional child is another.
Someone's already made a petition to get Chad to hit on you?

Generic online petitions are fine IMO. While petitions as a whole may not do much, some of them do, and that makes them worthwhile. Petitions are grassroots and populist. 'Credibility' doesn't enter the equation.

As long as we don't see spam about getting people to sign it.

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