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02-14-2011, 09:53 AM
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Sounds like things may be a little quiet at the Deadline for the Rangers. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I really thought they would swing something with the Sens but Murray pretty much doused that.

I like that Sather seems commited to not giving up too much via trade. I think Kaberle is worth a 2nd for sure, and maybe a mid level prospect. But...if this team doesn't win without him then a deal for Kaberle should be off the table for good.

On Arnott the Rangers missed the boat by 10 years! I mean the guy is what 36? Is he good on the faceoffs still? Guess i shouldn't judge the guy before I watch him for a while, but watching Devils games to me is like watching paint dry. Especially with Parise out of the lineup. But, if Arnott is really a potential candidate what is the price, and how likely is a deal between the Rangers and the Devils? I am guess that either Christensen, or Gilroy would be involved. Maybe a pick too. Hoipefully not a 2nd, I am not sold on sending a 2nd rounder to arguably your biggest division rival. Christensen and Gilroy are expendable, but the pick has value. If Sather steals him, then I guess I am ok with it. What about White, could he somehow be involved? He does have a relationship with Kovalchuk right?

Wish Larry could have gotten more out of Slats about the team scouting the Jackets. I believe I read that here. Originally my guess is Tyutin becuase that has rumored in the recent past. People have mentioned Hejda too. Hejda doesn't add anything offensive to the Blueline so he doesn't address that need. Is he anymore physical than say Eminger has been this year? Not sure, just asking here. He's bigger and he blocks more shots...but is Hejda the type of player that can impose his will? Maybe it's Klesla they are looking at? But, what is the pricetag on the Jackets Dmen? I hope that Del Zotto isn't moved for any of them. Too early to give him up unless there is a bigger name involved.

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