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02-14-2011, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
You people are simply put ridiculous. You bash Hank for allowing three goals? Let's see here.

You whine that he was "flopping around on the ice" on the first goal. Yes, that first goal when he was left completely alone with an uncontested shooter in front of the net and had to single handedly take care of the rebound as well. He "flopped", to cut the ice for the rebound. Not a D-man in sight. A scramble ensues, the puck ends up further up ice and is redirected into the net off one of our own D-men. How about the other 5 pylons on the ice that lost puck battle after puck battle and left the most important area in the defensive zone completely unguarded? Even if he stood up in position, he probably wouldn't have saved that goal. But no, Hank's fault. WTF?

Then there's a breakaway. Hank almost has it, but he scores. Another goal that is apparently Hank's fault. Yeah, how dare he disappoint our defense like that? The only goal he had a chance on, but when you blame breakaways on the goalie, you have issues.

Then there's another deflection goal and you blame Hank is down too early. WTF? Do you have any idea what you're talking about? Apparently not.

And then you whine that Hank was down on the ice too much during the first half of the game. Maybe, just maybe - from what I saw - that had something to do with that the puck constantly ended up in scrums in front of the net and that there were constant screened shots where Hank couldn't see the puck. What do you do when you lose vision of the puck? You play the numbers you morons. Don't ask me what that means if you seriously don't know. I've tried to explain it maybe 20 times and I'm done with it.

I'm seriously done posting here, because the average knowledge level here is ridiculously low, not to mention the collective ADHD syndrome. I really hope he some day gets traded from this team to a competitive organisation, so you can have fun really whining at the goaltending.
Watch don't let the door hit ya. Honestly I justy had a feeling he was off early but I didn't put down him as the bad initially b/c overall he had a good game and even though I just felt like I was watching him have a bad game 3 goals is not terrible at all and he locked down for 50+ minutes. So I was wrong. Anytime a goalie gives up two in the first 5, 6 minutes or w/e it was it leaves a sour taste.

I personally didn't mean to wreck hank about it, dunno what other people said but the fact the goals were so quick and early like i said just left a sour taste. people do overreact a lot here case in point your last post so you gotta try and be the voice of calm and reason and laugh at it. nobody is beating your kid or stealing your wife here.

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