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02-14-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
I've never lost interest in the history, the players, or even assembling a great team, just in all the rest of the crap that goes with the draft.
I know how you feel. And you got the order exactly right: 1. the history, 2. the players, 3. "even" assembling a great team. The ATD has been 'earning' its adopted home of Fantasy Games board placement whereas it shouldn't fall far from the tree of the History board. A tradeless draft would have been a step in the right direction; a focus on bio building also helps. So would being more concerned about the last pick someone made than on one's own next pick.

We have lost most of the serious history buffs from the drafts and their replacements have been more gamer oriented overall. There still are some serious discussions about history. For that it remains worth it. One thing I like about the MLD/AAA/AA drafts is joy of focusing on the players and the history of the game, how trades are almost nonexistent and how nobody seems obsessed with playoff jostling, instead discussing the details of bios, really more of the original spirit of the draft, going back to the early days when we didn't have rankings of teams and playoffs (just ranking of players based on draft position - ideally). I'm not saying do away with these features. The problem is one of degree not kind, with priorities. Can the trades and even the time clock (or require shortlists to be submitted), focus on bio building, more lineup assassinations pre-regular season ranking and less playoff rounds. Or, hell, let it be what it has become and anyone who doesn't like can just step away anytime they want. Lump it or leave it. There are 40 teams and it is thriving. No need to pull weeds. Just let it grow in any direction. I've accepted that. I wish you guys well.

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