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02-14-2011, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by The Downie View Post
Listening is not just a part. I, for one would be just thankful that they even would care to hear my opinion if I had the opportunity to talk with them. How many other teams would do that? Certainly not Mr. Wang..
Lol, I'm not sure how to reach him though.

I'm sure if he was in a scenario approached by a fan, he'd listen to them. I'm sure Snow would too.

Again, sending emails and what not, people can read and even shoot back a prefab response, but that isn't the whole thing.

I really think if the fans right now feel so strongly against the new identity, they could consider tweaking some things.

As much as I hate the logo, and I really hate it, if they at least added back some black and/or silver, bolts on the pants, and victory stripes. I could work with that.

I still think they should just stay with what they have. I love the current look.

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