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07-18-2005, 03:25 PM
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I'm a new hockey fan ( first game in 2003). It took me about four or five games to put my finger on exactly what TooToo brings to the game. You guys have hit it on the head. He's well liked by both fans and players ON HIS TEAM and NO ONE else. It's a hoot to see him clock some NHL muck-t-muck from another team and then draw a penality from the muck-t-muck's teammate. He's not vey potenet offesively or defensively number wise but one heck of a asset by being a spark and a hard skating player that's not afraid to stick his nose in where it's not wanted! Nashville would do well to find a way to keep him around. I believe his playing time in Milwaukee last season has done him some good. With reduced playing time when he comes back to Nashville, he may be even more agressive that before he went to Milwaukee. I hope so! As far as getting up to Orszagh levels, I wish he could but doubt he'll ever be that singleminded and bullish.

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