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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
That's all misleading. Since there's more righties, numbers against lefties are more extreme. If it were even, the numbers would even out too.
Not really. There's a difference between LHP/RHP facing LHH/RHH, whether you believe it or not.

Would number evens out if there were an even amount of both LHP/RHP and LHH/RHH? To a degree, it may. However, there aren't equal amounts, so LHH have less of an opportunity hone their skill against LHP, making that lefty-lefty match-up generally advantageous to the pitcher.

As far as Rodriguez goes, for his career his splits are just about even. However he has struggled against LHP over the past few years, so it appears to be a trend.

Lefty/righty spits and match-ups are pretty well established. Some managers obviously go a bit overboard with them, but they still have their place.


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