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10-10-2003, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
I see a defense that was able to contain a 1-dimensional Bills offense that was missing their star RB, but was throttled by the Bucs and Patriots. A defense that had difficulty keeping an injured 2nd year QB from rallying the Redskins to victory on the road.

(Talk about the Giants barely beating the Redskins? Was I the only person at the Linc last Sunday or what?)

I see an offense that struggles to move the ball and a QB that has yet to have a decent performance. McNabb is the worst rated QB in the league and has all of *A* TD on the year. At least he got his completion % up above 50% finally though.

Giants have given up more yards on the ground than the Eagles, so what? That statement has absolutely no meaning. Why? Ricky Williams, Marshall Faulk and Troy Hambrick versus Antowaine Smith, Joe Burns and Michael Pittman. Notice a difference there?

Truth be told, none of the NFC East teams look good. Somebody will win the division, but none of them are going anywhere.
Well, with all of that in mind, the Eagles are still 2-2. The defense has lost three Pro Bowlers in the secondary and a 1st round draft pick and has managed to keep the offense in the game regardless. Heck, the rookie cornerbacks performed admirably last weekend and did just enough to beat a very good division opponent and all of us know that divisional games are hard to come by.

McNabb has not played well at all. We all know this, but over the last two weeks, he has shown signs of his true abilities and that is good. He may not be at his best, but he was capable of carrying his team to wins over the Skins and the Bills, no two easy wins my friend. You can cut up on both teams, but regardless, both teams are talented teams.

As the year goes on, McNabb will only get better and the defense will only get better. Things are looking 'good' right now. The team looked terrible in September but have looked good in October thus far. If the defense can continue to impress and then add in the hurt players, then all will be fine.

Sunday is a very big game. The linebackers really need to come and play while the cornerbacks need to stick their coverages. Get to Quincy Carter, mentally and physically, and the game is simply over.

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